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Network plannings 

You have the need for a new PC-Network, or you would convert from another operating system or extend your existing network?
We will advise you and plan your PC-Network exactly on your requirements.
The Server operating system will be Microsoft WindowsNT or Windows 2000, because it's easy to handle in the normal business and there are nearly no restrictions for the hardware.
No matter, if you are using an existing PC-Network, or if you are a 'newcomer' on company networks, we will serve you with the appropriate solution.
You have branch offices on other locations, which have to be connected to your network?
This is also a business for us.
The connection will be done either over dial- or leased lines, or cost effective via the Internet.
We will perform the installation of the lines, so you do not have to deal with other companies. This results in an effective way to realize this project with less of expenditure for you.
Your sales representatives have the need to connect to your network 'on the road' to have the new pricing or the latest products? 
Who didn't hear about that problem?
Your employees in the sales have the need to have the actual prices and products just where they are.
To send these information with mail is not up-to-date, because of the long time for receiving. Why don't your sales representatives use the actual databeses on your company network?
More information is available in the section Internet-Access.

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 Network installation 

Consulting and planning for your new network is done. And who is installing all the hardware?
  Don't have fear. What we have planned for you, will be installed from us.
After the planning you have recognized, that there is something extra to be done?
  As far as possible to realize your request, we obviously will consider this during the installation.
Who is managing the installation of the ordered leased line?
  As far as an external data connection was planned with us, it would be managed by us. So you have only one person to turn to, and you don't have to deal with multiple companies to make dates.

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Network maintenance 

Who is responsible for the hardware after the installation?
  We don't let you down after the installation.
You could expect  that the products we have installed, will be serviced by us.
You have some older devices in your new network, which could or should not be replaced. What will happen in the case of failure with these devices?
  During the consulting you should give us a notice, that there are such devices. After checking these devices for possible maintenance, the devices may serviced by us. Provided, that needed spare parts are available.

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