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Welcome at PETRYsoft Online  -  distribution of PC's, installation and maintenance of PC-networks up to 100 users, Firewall- and WAP-Server solutions, ISDN-solutions up to 20 users, Monitor-Switching systems for education rooms, ISDN connectivitiy services

ISDN phone connection service

Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller

Microsoft Sales Partner


We are a small company to support LAN-/WAN Networks with the operating system WindowsNT/Windows2000.

Our business overview:

Link to our offers. Consulting, installation and services for Windows-Networks with up to 100 workstations
Link to our offers Consulting, planning and installation of firewall solutions for the company Internet access
Link to our offers WAP-Server solutions
Link to our offers ISDN connectivity services
Link to our offers Solutions for ISDN-phone systems with up to 20 phones
Link to our offers Sales of PC's and accessoires for semi-professional music studios
Link to our offers Monitor-Switches for Instructor-Trainee switching in classrooms and for Network-Servers
Link to our offers Distribution of standalone PC's
Link to our offers Distribution of standard Software
Link to our offers Microsoft authorized dealer for school software
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